The Whimsy of Spring

In northern California, we are engaged in an unusually erratic spring. The sky extends its sunshine and mild temperatures one moment and proffers rain the next – the only thing that we can count on is unpredictability.

Conversely, the beauty of this changeable weather can be found all around us; flowers are exploding, the grass is a mighty and intense shade of green. Despite its volatility, the season is majestic and its vividness inspires. We find ourselves wanting our art to reflect the chaotic yet symbiotic nature of the earth around us.

From that desire, this basic nymph inspired photo shoot was born. We wanted our model to fit organically in the wooded environment, to create the sense that she somehow belonged there instead of having arrived there. For this reason, we played with the natural textures of Jessica’s hair, allowing her raw beauty to spill forth. Unlike many of our images, it is not singularly focused on hair but rather the mood created by the sum of its parts.

We invite you to take in the rich textures and vibrant colors that we were able to capture, simply by immersing ourselves in our natural world. Submerge yourself in an imaginative way and find that this season is whimsical in it’s many variations.






AJF Salon

Hair by: Federico Advanced

Images by: Joshua Flowers