Welcome to AJF, Erin!

We would like to welcome new stylist Erin to AJF Salon! With over 10 years of industry experience and a craving for giving and receiving education, we know she will be a great fit and a welcome addition to our team.

Born a fiery red head, color specialist Erin has been vibrant from the start. Inspired by sun kissed and naturally oxidized locks, she believes that the look of natural beauty is timeless, never going out of style. Erin values the relationships that she has forged with her clients, finding that in the process of caring for them, they have helped her to grow and become a stronger person. She finds her career unique, in that it is one of the few that allows healing through physical tough. As a stylist, Erin continues to seek out and gain knowledge. Each class she takes stimulates her creativity and allows her to evolve and progress.


AJF Salon

Image by: Joshua Flowers

Blog Author: Sarah Federico