UV protection: Not Just for your Skin, Anymore

Summer can be rough on your delicate strands – but did you also know that the sun’s harsh rays could be working to sap the life out of your color, leading to dull, lackluster hues? Mimicking the effects of bleach, exposure to UV light can leach melanin from your hair — permanently removing color — plus wreak havoc on the hair’s cuticle and protein levels.

The good news is, you don’t have to put up with dry, lackluster locks come this warm weather season.

Anti-oxidant rich and packed full of nourishing ingredients like vitamin’s E and C, Newsha High Performance Leave-In Conditioner is free from parabens and sulfates – but that’s not all. This highly effective treatment product contains a valuable dose of UV protection, via an exclusive Tri-Compose Shield Complex, that can help you to maintain the integrity of your salon-color, plus protect from dry-out due to environmental exposure. So if you’re looking to protect your scalp and strands from the sun and ward off unwanted frizz, talk to your stylist about the various UV blocking products from Newsha; available exclusively at AJF Salon.