Very few of us feel like we are seen as the person we are, beneath the surface. AJF Salon does not create beauty – we create opportunities.

We remain committed to advancing our knowledge through education to stay inspired and passionate in our artistry. We are certain that your time with us will leave you feeling confident, knowing that we are revealing the most beautiful form of yourself.

We invite you to believe in yourself and trust in our vision.

Adam Federico

Evolve or dissolve.

Adam Federico is a dynamic and forward-thinking innovator, who has played a meaningful role in the beauty industry for the last 20 years. He fuels his imagination with inspiration from raw, minimalistic design, natural elements and the juxtapositions found within each. Adam believes in working with the organic movement of the hair and employs a free flowing, yet structured technique to his craft.

Adam maintains involvement in all aspects of his trade with credits including salon owner, stylist and creative director at both AJF Salon and Federico. With family roots that are deeply embedded in over 65 years of educating cosmetologists, he has devoted himself to giving and receiving knowledge. Adam’s most recent achievement is an expansive advanced-education facility. In conjunction with Federico, he is presenting leading artists and educators in his Northern California center. He has traveled internationally, educating both independently and with some of the industry’s most significant influencers, such as ARROJO and Sebastian.

Adam’s devotion to the art and craft of hairdressing is capacious and lifelong; he has a soul that will remain forever youthful and an undying passion for his art.