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Do you co-wash?

When it comes to shampoo, many of us grew up thinking that the ‘lather, rinse, repeat,’ method was the way to best way to get clean, shiny hair. But as it turns out, this technique might be stripping your strands of their natural oils, resulting in dry, lackluster locks that are prone to damage and mid-shaft
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Creating Texture with Jessica

Clients consistently inquire as to how they can create careless texture in their hair. While the answer we give may seem complicated, it is really just a matter of a little practice and good advice from a stylist. Today, Jessica shares with us how she creates waves in her fine hair, giving body and staying
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Men’s Hair with Andy

Stylist Andy offers a fresh perspective to styling men’s hair. In this short film, he demonstrates his own daily process and shares techniques for accomplishing his own look, as well as other looks. Male or female, there is something to be gained from Andy’s tips and tricks. You can look forward to additional at home
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