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Welcome R+Co

At AJF Salon, we believe in creating a culture that’s steady, consistent – and a pleasure to be a part of. In this spirit, you’ll see a major shift in our retail offerings the next time you visit the salon. With our valued clients in mind, we’ve scoured the industry looking for the most functional,
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Do you co-wash?

When it comes to shampoo, many of us grew up thinking that the ‘lather, rinse, repeat,’ method was the way to best way to get clean, shiny hair. But as it turns out, this technique might be stripping your strands of their natural oils, resulting in dry, lackluster locks that are prone to damage and mid-shaft
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Grey Blending

As we mature, concern develops surrounding covering or blending gray hair. Gray hairs are particularly stubborn, being that they are of a coarser texture than hair with pigment remaining. To give her client youthful, dimensional and rejuvenating results, Tiffany utilized Goldwell’s Triflective Naturals chocolate brown with a gold reflective. This color system offers 100% grey
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