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Featured Stylist Brigitte

A vocalist and musician, Brigitte enjoys sharing her talents by performing in the Sacramento music scene.  She is a multi-dimensional artist with a natural affinity for cutting hair and a deep well of passion for her work. Brigitte has found that her endeavors as a hairstylist are an ideal avenue for expressing herself creatively. She
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Fall Makeup Trends

This season’s makeup focuses on the chicness of minimalism – choosing one area of your face to accentuate and practicing restraint with the rest. It’s well suited to admirers of the French style of looking both polished, and yet a little unkempt. Some of Fall 2013’s most popular trends are glowing nude faces, lovely full
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Grey Blending

As we mature, concern develops surrounding covering or blending gray hair. Gray hairs are particularly stubborn, being that they are of a coarser texture than hair with pigment remaining. To give her client youthful, dimensional and rejuvenating results, Tiffany utilized Goldwell’s Triflective Naturals chocolate brown with a gold reflective. This color system offers 100% grey
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