A Style Noted Feature

New York City based beauty and fashion blog Style Noted featured the team at AJF Salon for this “inventive pixie cut.” Hailing it “fresh, youthful, even a little cheeky,” they commended the style, calling it a  “perfect” cut for “short naturally textured tresses and stark color.”

Created for the ARROJO West Coast Summit, 2014, AJF stylists took a collaborative approach in crafting hair for the runway event, and the featured pixie cut is an ideal example of the stunning artistry that resulted from this cooperative effort. Below is an excerpt from the feature, in which Adam speaks on behalf of his team:

For the style we prepared the hair with ARROJO protective thickening lotion and set and style spray and used a BIC pen to wrap the hair around to create a very tight stand up pin curl. We set the hair moving across the head in a diagonal manner to encourage a soft flow in the hair working with its natural direction. We alternated from pinning them forward and backward to create more dishevelment within the finished look. Once set dry and cool we removed the pin curls and broke it up vigorously with our hands and refinish spray to build support, texture and body. –– Adam Federico


To view the full feature and check out the engaging Style Noted blog, visit:http://stylenoted.com