Be a Product Wizard

Have you ever wondered about the magical product concoctions that your stylist whips up for you? We know you have, so we’re here to show you just one of the many formulas you can use to get your hair looking shiny, healthy and luxurious. Below, Stylist Erin demonstrates her process for creating fun, flirty hair on one of her clients.

Erin begins with Goldwell Color Lock Serum for Blondes, to secure the longevity of the color and shine on her client’s freshly highlighted hair. It’s important to place a heat safe barrier in between your color treated hair and your styling tools, as heat can leach out your color’s vibrancy prematurely. Next, Erin sprays in ARROJO’S Hydro Mist to give the hair a soft, silky, touchable feeling; this will also give the benefit of a tangle-free blow dry, allowing the brush to glide effortlessly through the hair. She then distributes a quarter size amount of ARROJO’S Curl Control. Even though she isn’t creating a curly look on her client, this product will offer manageability and give grip to the hair, locking the style in place for longer. Using a large, boar bristle round brush Erin blows her clients hair out. She finishes the look by spraying in ARROJO’S Dry Texture Spray, which will give her client a messy seductiveness that’s not-too-perfect and spraying on ARROJO’S Shine Spray, which will make her clients blonde highlights really pop.

Are you wondering how your stylist creates your signature looks? Just ask! We’ll share our formulations with you and send you home with the tools that will make you look and feel fabulous in between services.

Products Used:

Goldwell Color Lock Serum for Blondes

ARROJO’S Hydro Mist

ARROJO’S Curl Control

ARROJO’S Refinish Dry Shampoo

ARROJO’S Shine Spray