Portfolio on Tour, Seattle

Portfolio on Tour is an opportunity to step inside the Goldwell and KMS California Brands and the ARROJO Studio world. Education on the latest trends is offered, as well as inspiration from the industry’s most creative talent. During the 3-hour event, participants have the opportunity to interact with the teams. It is the ultimate blend of knowledge sharing and fantastical illusion meets reality.

Over the weekend, the show found it’s way to the urban hub of Seattle. With close proximity to Sacramento and as a brand Ambassador to ARROJO, as well as a Goldwell key partner, Adam Federico saw the event as the perfect information seeking opportunity. Creative Director of both AJF Salon and Federico’s, he is always pushing to keep the sister companies on the cusp of new trends and techniques. The event was alive with a kaleidoscope of colors, vibrant costumes and rousing technique focused education, complements of the ARROJO and Goldwell/KMS teams. Following the magnetic show was a day of hands-on razor cutting education presented by ARROJO, where Adam had the opportunity to share the message of Federico Advanced.

Bringing home a fresh vision to share with the Team at AJF, clients can look forward to methodical and transformative foresights coming from the hands of their favorite stylists.











Blog Author and Images By: Sarah Federico