A Mother’s Day Transformation

Mothers Day is a significant and meaningful holiday in our culture. Sadly, through the process of over commercialization, many of us have lost perspective on the true meaning of the holiday – reminding our Mothers of how special they are!

As stylists, we spend a great deal of time facilitating our client’s transformations – and while we enjoy every moment of it – sometimes the ones that are closest to us slip through the cracks. With the upcoming holiday in mind, Junior Stylist Siouxie wanted to take a moment to shine a bit of light on her Mother, Coco. She teamed up with Makeup Artist and Junior Stylist Jacob to give Coco the ultimate beautifying experience.  Below, Siouxie shares her process in revitalizing her Mother’s hair.

Siouxie touched up the base color, adding highlights to brighten Coco’s face and impart dimension to the existing red. To implement softness, she cut concave layers and blew the hair out with a round brush, adding texture where needed with a curling iron.

Makeup Artist and Junior Stylist, Jacob applied a minimal amount of products while creating the maximum amount of results. Below, he shares details for a successful application.

Products Used: Foundation, bronzer, powder highlighter, pencil liner, mascara and lipstick

– Begin by applying foundation, including the eye area, to act as a base for your makeup

– Follow with a powder highlighter to highlight under the brow, on the bone

– Come back through with a powder highlighter and apply on the lid

– Carve out the crease of the lid with a bronzer

– Apply a pencil liner above the upper lash line and below the lower lash line

– Using the same pencil eyeliner fill in the space of the outer third of the lid and use a small pony tail blending brush to blend it out, giving a soft smoky effect

– Apply mascara to lashes

– Use bronzer and powder highlight to contour the skin

– Add a soft peachy lipstick to give a beautiful pout.

Using only 5 products, Jacob demonstrates that it doesn’t require an arsenal of makeup to give a polished look, allowing Coco to feel magnificent on her special day.

Coco Before

Coco during

Jacob Makeup2

Jacob Makeup1



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