Introducing KeraSilk by Goldwell

Let’s face it – many of us are born with imperfect, undesirable hair texture. We toil, expending energy and time taming our tresses, when we should be out enjoying our lives; blow dry, flatiron, curl, repeat. And repeat again.

The hair industry has thus far, been unable to offer a practical and sustainable solution to frizzy, unmanageable hair. While it gave us “The Brazilian Blowout,” this treatment fell flat, offering a one size fits all solution. For many women, it introduced the converse problem of dull and lifeless hair, never really living up to it’s promises.

Enter KeraSilk by Goldwell, taking us from a frustrating problem to a fabulous solution. KeraSilk is the markets first fully customizable keratin treatment and the options it provides are limitless. You can calm curl, tame frizz or reduce bulk – if you can envision it, KeraSilk and an AJF Stylist can customize a treatment to accomplish your ideal hair. Beyond the versatility you will find the added benefit of a non-abrasive and gentle process, so much so, that you can have color applied the same day without compromising the integrity of your hair. Most importantly, the process leaves your hair in this annoyance free state for up to 5 months.

Goldwell has created an entire line of supportive take-home products to nurture the in-salon service and assist you in the maintenance process. The products are versatile, well suited to any head of hair and are not limited to post-treatment hair.

To schedule you KeraSilk consultation with a certified AJF stylist, call 916-446-2940 today. During the month of April, we will be offering a complementary cut with each KeraSilk treatment. The promotion is valid on the same day of your treatment and you must schedule your cut with the stylist who completed your keratin service.