Got Milk? Getting Back to your Roots

Are you looking to give your hair’s vitality a boost? Nurturing the health and well being of your scalp could be the missing link. “Any issue that you have when it comes to your hair—be it volume, texture, shine, or wanting younger hair—starts from the scalp,” Dennis Gross, MD, a dermatologist in NYC and founder of 900 5th Dermatology as well as Dr. Dennis Gross skincare, tells Harper’s Bazaar. “Before you get the external product, you have hair inside your head—in the scalp—being manufactured by the hair follicle,” explains Dr. Gross. “Along the follicle, we have skin cells, which are subject to the same deficiencies that you’re looking to correct on your face with skincare.”

In the same way that you supercharge your skin with the help of high-tech ingredients, the same is true for transforming the health of your scalp. And just like the skin on your face – the surface of your scalp is subject to aging, leading to the appearance of dry and unmanageable locks.

“Anti-aging is the new frontier of hair care,” says Dr. Gross. “Take care of your hair after you take care of your scalp and your hair will absolutely come in beautifully—and stronger, thicker, and longer.”

If you want to get scalp boosting benefits from your hair care regimen, look to wonder-products Milk and Cake, by GM Reverie. Hand-crafted and tailor made by stylist Garrett Markenson, these skincare grade products have the ability to transform your scalp and strands, infusing them with vital nutrients. Markenson describes his revolutionary boutique collection of serums as “an authentic reflection of my taste and personal experience.” Powered by a blend of eight essential oils, plus active ingredients such as apple stem cells and hydrolyzed protein, Cake is an intensely hydrating growth serum that protects, smooths, soothes and effectively promotes healthier hair growth. Suitable for all hair types and textures, Milk is an organic, leave-in nourishing cream, designed to protect and moisturize, plus leaves the hair silky and shiny – without weighing it down. It’s enchanting blend of 16 essential oils lends to a fresh, herbal scent loved by both men and women, alike.

Not convinced? Don’t take our word for it. Come in and check out the heart-filled products by Markenson.

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