Goldwell Color Zoom Semi-Finalist: Stylist Thu Vo

AJF Salon is proud to announce that stylist Thu Vo has been named as a semi-finalist in the Goldwell Color Zoom competition!

She shares her inspirations for her submission, plus thoughts on being a colorist.

“My color choice for colorzoom 2015 was inspired by the vintage suit my model wore. This year’s color zoom concept was Traditional Rebels. I had to incorporate clashing concepts, i.e. matte-shiny, straight-curly. From the suit, I wanted to create a classic-vintage finish with an edge. With classic, I think of vidal sassoon and I wanted to create a blunt cut with a textured fringe (to give it an edge). This year’s color trend was block coloring, so I chose the colors based on the model’s necklace (burgundy & pink). Everything pretty much tied together and worked in my favor.”

On being a colorist, Thu finds that, in general, “color is extremely complex – yet simple. If you know the rules of color, the sky’s the limit. As a colorist, I think anything is possible, like all facets in life, it just takes time to get there. People [are inclined] to attack their hair to get instant results. Sometimes, it’s just a process and you can always have fun along the way. I love the constant challenge and the endless creations.”

color zoom

To schedule your next color with Thu, contact AJF salon at 916-446-2940.

Image by Kale Friesen