Featured Stylist Jessica

Color specialist Jessica has a creative and detailed artistic eye. Offering each client an exclusive experience, she allows her education and personal style to guide her in giving clients looks that will allow them to feel comfortable with themselves, while projecting their desired image. For Jessica, “It’s about finding that magical cut, color and style that best suits a clients personality while emphasizing or deemphasizing features.” She is ultimately inspired by her ability to send her clients out the door in a “glowing and confident way.” Jessica chose AJF Salon because she fell in love with the staff and overall culture, finding it a perfect fit. “At AJF, our motto is evolve or dissolve. I think that speaks volumes about our culture and sets us apart from other salons. We are dedicated to furthering our education each and every day and strive to inspire others in our industry to do the same. The world is ever-changing and we should be advancing right along with it.”

To schedule an appointment with Jessica, Call 916-446-2940. Enjoy 15% off of your services with her in the month of December when you mention this post.

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AJF Salon

Image and Film by: Joshua Flowers

Blog Author: Sarah Federico

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