Featured Stylist Ericka

Junior Artistic Director Ericka is a self-described chameleon. As an artist, she does not follow a direct path but rather bends and winds through her craft. “Once the extreme, monochromatic purist, I would often dismiss the theatrical side of myself only wanting to do hair in its raw, organic form,” says Ericka. Today, however, she finds pleasure exploring the editorial world, surprising herself by introducing “glitter gels, bright colors and wigs” to her repertoire. Multidimensional, dynamic and with a distinct talent, Ericka is an advocate for battling stagnation and continuously refining ones skills. She values her position at AJF Salon, because it allows her to explore a variety of avenues within the industry. Be it working with clients, educating, being educated or freelance artistry, AJF Salon has allowed Ericka to “grow in ways that she could never have imagined possible.”

To book an appointment with featured stylist Ericka, contact AJF Salon @ 916-446-2940. Mention this blog post and receive 10% off of your next retail purchase with appointment.




AJF Salon:

Images by: Joshua Flowers and Mike Rafter, respectively

Hair by: Ericka

Blog Author: Sarah Federico

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