Expanded Shapes

Artistic Director Adam is experimenting with expanded textures and shapes. To create Dominique’s billowy curls, he began by preparing the hair with ARROJO Shine Lux shampoo and conditioner. Adam then applied ARROJO Hair Crème to infuse moisture and ARROJO Shine Lux Oil for nourishment, illumination, reflectivity and control in the curl. The hair was diffused to 80% dry and allowed to air dry the remaining 20%. Once 100% dry, Adam emulsified a combination of Hair Crème and Shine Lux Oil in palms. Beginning at the root of the hair, he shook the hair out, expanding the shape. Once the desired silhouette was achieved, Adam took individual curls and pulled them out to create a careless, carefree feel.



AJF Salon

Hair by: Adam

Image by: Joshua Flowers

Blog Author: Sarah Federico