The Deconstructed Braid

Every season, we see braids reinvented on the runways. Prestigious designers eagerly take their stance, wavering between refined and unkempt styles. Ironically, they are rarely in agreement as to their prediction of this season’s most prevalent leanings.

In spring 2014 Rebecca Minkoff and Naeem Khan returned to Renaissance-inspired crown braids, while VPL Costello Tagliapietra took a sleeker, sporty approach. Finally, a handful of designers decided to just mess things up a bit, with surprisingly chic and absolutely replicable results.

This spring at AJF Salon, our stylists are wild about sexy, disheveled braids. What we love about them is their tousled imperfection. They don’t require an exact equation, making them simple for our clients to craft at home.

spring braids

spring braids2

spring braids3

Siouxie offers you a brief how-to in creating your own:

-Begin by applying ARROJO Dry Texture spray to the hair. This will give your hair the grip needed for it to remain in place.

-Create two large “under braids.” These are accomplished by inverting your braid; simply braiding strands under, rather than over each other. Make sure you are not too precise in your braiding. For this style, you want your braid to be relaxed and slightly messy. Secure your braids with clear rubber bands.

-Deconstruct your braid by lightly pulling at it to loosen it up. Pin it in place. Although it’s not necessary, Siouxie added a flowered headband, giving her model a styled, springtime appearance.



For questions about this hairstyle or to request tutorials for other styles, comment below.