Bits and Pieces of tHairapy

With a large turnout and an attentive crowd, we deem October’s tHairapy session a success! This live-model, demonstration based class served its intended purpose, engaging fellow industry professionals and raising awareness about the necessity for continued education and knowledge advancement. “I was excited to see all the stylists who showed up eager to learn,” said Federico Cosmetology student Ashley Vandermast. “Following the demonstration portion of this event, Adam asked stylists where they are currently receiving their advanced training. The room fell silent.” Adam is an advocate of breaking down the barriers that exist within the industry. His message encouraging stylists to learn together “not only inspired me to continue to learn after I graduate but also inspired other attendees to keep the advanced education going.”

Well done Adam and Andy! Well done.
Adam 1

Adam Model 1


Andy Model 1


AJF Salon

Hair by: Adam and Andy

Images by: IPhone candid

Blog Author: Sarah Federico