The Bearded Man

Fathers Day is fast approaching and the age-old epic quandary of what to get Dad is upon us. This year, however, it seems the decision might be simple.

For the last five years, fashion has seen a resurgence in beard growers and what originally began as another hipster subculture movement has turned into a widespread style choice. Seen on mainstream wearers of all ages and in all shapes and sizes, beards are taking over the faces of our beloved men – and rightly so – the beard is a mark of manly distinction.

Weather your Dad is bearded or prefers a clean shave, we recommend adding a bit of luxury to his daily routine by giving the gift of grooming products, such as a starter kit from Baxter of California. From beard oils to premium shaving creams – we’ve got you covered. With a wide range of products to choose from, Federico Beauty’s upscale boutique can set you up with a cache of goodies to make the most discerning of Dad’s smile from ear to bearded ear.

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