ARROJO refreshes it’s look

ARROJO products were created to be ┬ásimple for clients to understand. Each product is straightforward, it’s name expressing it’s use. The packaging, much like the company, is “youthful, modern and direct with a fuss-free simplicity,” says owner Nick Arrojo. In an effort to streamline their minimalistic design, ARROJO has completed a re-packaging of it’s products. While the brand’s appearance has been refreshed, you can depend on the same great fragrances and consistent results.

AJF Salon would like to offer our clients an opportunity to purchase our remaining first-generation-packaged ARROJO products at a discount of 30% off. This occasion is sure to pass quickly and will only continue as supplies last. Get yours!

arrojo rebrand

AJF Salon

Image by: Joshua Flowers

Blog Author: Sarah Federico

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