American Wave

We are excited to announce that three of our staff members have become American Wave certified! If you are looking to give your hair texture, volume or simply looking to add a bit of uniformity to your erratic curls – this process is for you. A new take on the long forgotten perm, the American Wave boasts a pleasant aroma of eucalyptus and, unlike its predecessor, offers a smoother hair shaft.

“It’s time to reinvent permanent waving and get rid of the fears,” says Nick Arrojo. “Rather than seeing every hairstyle as perfectly straight, we promote the graceful elegance and individuality of texture. We created a product to match our vision.”

The fashion forward American wave is sure to make you feel and look fabulous.  Contact AJF Salon and book with one of our newly certified team members, Jessica, Robert or Tiffany.

american wave 2

american wave


Blog Author: Sarah Federico