AJF Advanced was founded on the belief that growth is the crux of any successful career.

We set ourselves apart from other academies by offering instruction that’s tailored to each individual student. Our custom-blended classes are designed to share a fundamental, yet fluid approach to the craft of hairdressing, simultaneously developing technical and interpretive skills. Feed your imagination, shape your career and cultivate community with AJF Advanced.


 Vintage Classics. $175

April 11 & December 5, 2016

Elevate your knowledge, sharpen your dexterity and master detail-focused technique. Dive deep into modern interpretations of classic scissor cutting in this immersive 1-day course. Breathe creative life into your craft and honor the foundations. Ideal for artists of all skill levels.

Neoteric. $175

Coming soon

Fuel your creativity and flex your dynamic, forward-thinking abilities. Take an in depth look at working with the organic movement and texture of the hair. This 1-day scissor-cutting session is ideal for the technically advanced artist looking to elevate their craft to the next level.

The Essentials of Razor Cutting. $175

January 18, 2016

Discover freedom, reinvent your artistry and tap-in to unlimited possibilities while honoring structure and discipline. Focuses on the essential practices of successful razor cutting. 1-day intensive course ideal for the stylist looking to gain flexibility within their craft.

Advanced Razor Cutting. $175

June 27, 2016

Cultivate your fundamental skills and attain elegance utilizing advanced razor cutting techniques. Learn to create chic, moveable texture within the hair. 1-day intensive course ideal for the artist looking to become more proficient and versatile cutting with a straight edge blade.

Editorial Styling and Portfolio Building. $175

Coming soon

Push your skill set beyond the reaches of your daily repetitions and create fashion forward styles that transcend time. Build your portfolio with a professional photo-shoot in our studio space. 1-day course ideal for the artist looking to tap into an avant-garde aesthetic and study the art of dressing hair.

Choose Your Adventure. $175

October 17, 2016

Step outside of the box and seize the opportunity to refine the technique of your choosing. Fine-tune your ability to visualize finished results, sharpen your intuition or hone technical abilities in this distinctive open-format course. 1-day workshop ideal for the artist looking to grow within any aspect of their craft.

Color Inspiration. $175

February 22 & August 29, 2016

Be a visionary. Take a personalized approach to producing modern and inventive haute couture looks. Optimize your utilization of hand painting and custom color placement in this imaginative 1-day course. Ideal for the artist looking to enhance their versatility and creativity as it pertains to coloring hair.

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