ARROJO Expo, New York City

Early September found Adam Federico in the fashion and culture hub of New York City. Along with members of his team, he made the trip to attend the well-known trend-forecasting event, ARROJO Expo. Celebrating texture, color and their unique interpretation of up-coming styles, the team at ARROJO sent AJF stylists home with an assortment of ideas and inspiration to apply to their own artistic endeavors. As a member of ARROJO’S Style Counsel, Adam was honored to share the ARROJO stage with industry icons Nick Arrojo, Gerard Scarpaci and Gordon Miller, as well as future leaders David Gatt and Stephen Adams. Imparting their experience and passion with an audience of their peers, both live and via webcast, this assemblage shared techniques as well as insights to their distinctive salon cultures. “ARROJO never fails to inspire me and pushes me to my creative edge. There is nothing more stimulating than being surrounded by like-minded, down to earth artists. I am grateful for the opportunity to educate with such an imaginative and acclaimed brand,” says Federico. The AJF team continues to weave itself into a network of top stylists, always staying informed, inspired and current.

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