HVA3 Award Winner

Over the weekend, the Hairbrained community came together in New York City to honor the craft hairdressing movement, and the heart-filled short films, which represent the spirit of the growing HB community. Ranging in tone from informative to avant-garde, these videos are always long on creativity – and never short on inspiration. Acting as a catalyst for change within the hairdressing community, these films are indicative of a new movement. A movement that resists stagnation, bucks the status quo – and refuses to take no for an answer.

The collective anticipation that surrounds this annual event has come to a crescendo – and has reached its final conclusion.

Taking home ‘Video of the Year,’ is AJF Salon’s very own Adam Federico. In collaboration with ZGAT Academy from Zagreb, Croatia, his film (which is included here) represents the love and heart that he puts into his many endeavors, AJF Salon, Federico Advanced, AJF Academy and Federico Beauty. With a humble heart and mind, Adam has always believed that it takes a community to create great works of art: this video is the perfect embodiment of that belief.

Please check out www.hairbrained.me and http://zgat.hr/en/akademija/.




Film shot and edited by: Nicholas Wray